This website, FCKH8.com, is an organization (even endorsed by celeberties like Jane Lynch and Michael Buble) that specializes in supporting marrital equality and *** rights. One of my close *** friends said he wanted to order a shirt off the website, but he didn't have a credit card.

He knows I shop online and asked if he gave me the money if I could order it for him. I paid $28 for the tshirt (I know, kinda ridiculous), and it said shipping could take around 2-3 weeks. I order the shirt at the beginning of September, and waited, but no shirt came in and it was already October. I emailed the company to complain as politely but assertively as possible.

They sent me a message that explained that many people had not recieved their orders due to high demand and that my order would be shipped ASAP. Then they even said they would send me "free accessories" if I was willing to wait a couple of weeks for the shirt. I said fine. The "free stuff" didnt come in until 2 or 3 weeks later, and all they sent me were some big stickers from their site and ANOTHER apology for the delay.

I would expect an online company to ship A LOT faster, considering how much I paid for the shipping (almost $10 for just one item!). I emailed them almost 3 times now, making it clear how upset I was at this very poor service. All they send are sorries and apologies. they at one point said that the shirt would be delivered by Christmas and that they would put me on a priority list.

It is now the middle of January and I STILLdon't have the shirt.

I would expect a company like this one to at least offer me a credit or a free shirt or something, but no, I got stickers. My suggestion, don't order from these people unless you want to wait 2 years for one small order.

Review about: Fckh8 Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $28.

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